Hand Kissing - Lauren

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Hand Kissing - Lauren

In this clip: hands, kissing, secretary/business, domination, brunette, sensual

Lauren is standing in front of a man who is sitting on a chair or sofa, giving him her extremely spread palm (fingers fully flexed) so he can sniff and kiss it this way. She teases him to worship her palm this way. He can often help her to push back her fingers to make the palm more flat. He should sniff and kiss her palm very much strong and she should rub his nose with circular movements in a strong way. She can use her other hand to push his head straight on the palm (I like very much also this way). Alternate both hands. She massages his nose a lot while he trying to kiss her palm. Sometimes she rubs his lips too, in a very sensual way. I mean sometimes gently, sometimes strong.