Magically Headless Anna Darling NBM Timestopped

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Magically Headless Anna Darling NBM Timestopped

In this clip: hands, genitals, feet, masturbation, groping, handjob, footjob, cum, secretary/business, freeze/robot, humiliation, blonde, rejection, tits, magic

A business woman meets a man from another company for discussing a deal: from the start she behaves very coldly and distant, as he looks and moves like a weirdo and she doesn't like him at all. When he hands her an old electrical box without giving an explanation, she has the confirmation he is an odd one; she tries to humour him by pretending to be interested, but she could not care less.

However, that box turns out to be a time stopper: suddenly, while she's talking holding the box, her head disappears under the effect of the magical device! Her body remains headless, sitting up, timestopped and frozen like a doll.
Having no perception of time, Anna cannot even feel a thing nor realize what's going on.

Soon the weirdo has been groping Anna's body, exposing her tits. It's not time for business anymore, and cold business woman Anna is more accommodating and easy going without a head!
The weirdo has taken his dick out and helps himself to a handjob using Anna's hand, which follows his movement like a robot, and can go on by itself with that basic movement as the weirdo has taken a camera out and films some POV footage for his personal entertainment, or maybe for some blackmail?

He takes his freedom groping her tits, legs and also filming some flashing of her pussy through the panties.
After a while using the body's hand on his dick, he kneels down on the floor and start filming footage of her right foot, masturbating and finally coming all over her sole!

Later on, the weirdo has redressed the body properly and sat it up in the starting position, the box in her hands. Time to restore her head, which magically reappears, and Anna continues her talking from the word she previously left off. Having had no perception of time, none of that ever happened from her point of view!