Montse Swinger Get Cum In her Shoes To Save Her Son At School

A clip starring Montse Swinger

Montse Swinger in Montse Swinger Get Cum In her Shoes To Save Her Son At School

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A woman is called into school because her son has created problems. The headmaster is a foot fetishist, he gets her into the office, notices the very sexy woman and decides to take advantage of the situation: he tells him that the son will be expelled, the lady says if she can do anything in order to avoid this, and she means anything. That's what the man was waiting for.
The man tells him that if he wants to save his son he has to undress, and make some very dirty poses to let him admire his private parts. The woman strips naked wearing only her shoes; the man gives her a dildo and orders her to fuck herself with it.
The woman sits on the sofa and starts masturbating, then turns around to let him admire her ass. The man orders him to take off her shoes to see her feet, and he cums into them (POV, fake cum) while the woman cums using the dildo. Then he orders her to redress, putting her cum stained shoes back on without cleaning them first. She has to walk out of his office like this.