Sophia Smith Headsman Foot Domination

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith Headsman Foot Domination

In this clip: feet, dirty talk, denial, POV, domination, humiliation, brunette, rejection, uniforms, sensual, dominant/leading

All shot POV, no talking back (just implied) Officer Sophia has been arrested for high treason and is going to be put on the guillotine; she is talking POV to the headsman waiting for execution. At first she asks questions about it, such as how quick it is, will it hurt, etc... She also questions him about her body: who is going to deal with it after the head is gone. It turns out it's him. She is unpleasantly surprised, she asks for more details... It turns out he has to strip the uniform off the body, have it completely naked. She's not happy at the thought of her body in the hands of a man. She senses there is something wrong. She teases him into confessing his full plans. After lots of questioning it turns out he will have a wank using her body and wants to please himself with her feet. Horrified. So he's going to use her feet without her permission. She knows there's nothing she can do about it as her head will be gone. But she is smart and still wants to humiliate him... She turns her attitude into domination and makes it sound that after all that's what he deserves: it is amusing that, even without her head, there is still some loser who will worship her. So she orders him to do it. She kicks her shoes off and, showing the feet to the camera, tells him what he has to do exactly as soon as her head falls. now she is the one leading the game, no matter how it goes...