Hitwoman Ashleigh McKenzie

A clip starring Ashleigh McKenzie

Ashleigh McKenzie in Hitwoman Ashleigh McKenzie

In this clip: legs, feet, dirty talk, mature/older, tease, POV, domination, blonde, striptease, stripping, sensual, spreads, dominant/leading

Ashleigh is a hitwoman. A busy one. Today she has to terminate a male target. She turned up at the guys apartment (all shot POV). He was expecting her. At least he was expecting a private stripper. Ashleigh played along, stripping for him. Giving him a close up private show of her body. She noticed that he was drawn to her heels and feet. She played on this fetish of his. Then, when he was least expecting, she produced her weapon and got him. He fell to the floor, still breathing. She decided to tease him in his final moments. She walked to him in her heels, slipping them off and making him worship her nylon covered feet. She slipped off her stockings and teased him with her bare toes. Then, when she was ready, she finished him off.