Hit-woman Hannah Shaw Makes Him Cum

A clip starring Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw in Hit-woman Hannah Shaw Makes Him Cum

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, masturbation, blowjob, handjob, denial, mental domination, POV, domination, horny, brunette, blackmail, tits, sexy/provocative, striptease, sensual, JOI, spreads, interrogation, flashing, forced orgasm, dominant/leading

Hannah is a hit-woman. She is sexy and cold blooded. She likes to torment her men victims by taking out their dicks and giving them a hand job and blow job. She tells them that if they can resist cumming, then she won’t kill them. They can never resist cumming, so she has never let anyone go. Today she has been hired to kill a cheating guy. She picked him up at a bar. Once back at his place she teased him with a flash of her tits and pussy. She then she surprised him by taking out her gun. Then she surprised him again by taking out his dick. She told him if he did not cum, then he was safe. She gave him a blow job first while holding then gun aimed at him. The guy resisted. She then took his dick in her hand. She worked him until he came over her tits. That was the end of him.