Hobby Detective - Part 1/3

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith

Chloe Toy, Sophia Smith in Hobby Detective - Part 1/3

In this clip: bondage, peril, young, POV, blonde, brunette, rejection, tits, annoyed, gagging, mouth

Chloe is a hobby detective, investigating a case of hackers on campus who are manipulating the grading system. During night time, she sneaks on Sophia who is working on the computer. Suddenly, she is ambushed and hand gagged from behind by a male villain with a mask. Sophia approaches her and tells her that they need to take care of her. She is like "good news, we won't hurt you, bad news, we have to tie you up".
They carry her to another room, while Chloe is struggling in their grasp.

In the next scene Chloe is tied to a chair, her hands tied together, feet spread to the chair legs and ropes around her breast securing her to the backrest. The two criminals are having la little snack. Chloe keeps constantly bickering and ranting, telling them that she will report them to the authorities and that they will be caught eventually. Sophia sits on Chloe's lap, coming very close to her face and telling her, that she is quite feisty for someone, who is tied to a chair.
Chloe sneers back at her that it will take more than a few ropes to intimidate her. Sophia begins to slowly unbutton Chloe's shirt. Chloe tries to move away, asking, what she is doing.After unbuttoning the shirt, she quickly pulls away Chloe's bra, exposing her breast. Chloe is pissed but quickly pulls herself together, shouting sarcastically something like "Of course, NOW I'm intimidated."
Still believing in her victory, she laughs and keeps telling them, that they will be caught etc. Eventually, Sophia has enough of her bickering. She tells her, that she does have ways of shutting her up. She unknots Chloe's bandana and puts it into Chloe's mouth as a packing.
Chloe resists several times, shaking her hand, closing her mouth, etc. Sophia has to shut Chloe's nose and 'force' the packing inside Sophia tape gags her She taunts and teases her captive for a while, before both villains leave her alone.

Left alone, Chloe pulls a pocket knife out of her shorts and manages to uncut her hand tie. She pulls of the gag and is just untying herself, when the villains return. They immediately grab and hand gag her again. Sophia mentions, that they need to keep better care of her, as the scene fades.