Adreena Foot Worshipped in a Hogtie

A clip starring Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters in Adreena Foot Worshipped in a Hogtie

In this clip: feet, toes, bondage, embarrassment, nylon/stockings, foot worship, rejection, sexy/provocative, forced/abusive, hogtie, passive/submissive, annoyed

Adreena comes in and lays on the bed; she is free all day and talks to her lover (POV camera) asking what he would like to do to spend a hot day with her. Without replying, he tosses a roll of tape next to her, as to say that he wants to tie her up. In a naughty way she says yes.The scene fades back in, Adreena is hogtied with tape on the bed and she's complaining that her lover is just playing with her shoes instead of playing with her. But he joins her very soon, and starts worshipping her nyloned feet while he gropes her legs and ass. She loves it, and she keeps licking her lips and being naughty. At some point he approaches her and starts to gag her with the tape; as soon as she realizes it, she tries to resist, as she doesn't like it. But he doesn't care, and soon she is gagged silent. The mood is changing. He goes back to her feet and restarts worshipping and groping, but in a more violent way. Soon he rips the nylons open, literally in pieces, and goes on worshipping. She is really scared now, but there is little she can do...