Stella Hogtied And Foot Worshiped

A clip starring Stella

Stella in Stella Hogtied And Foot Worshiped

In this clip: neck, ass, legs, feet, bondage, peril, desperation, lingerie/underwear, freeze/robot, blonde, tattoos/piercings, foot worship, choking

The video starts with Stella lying on a bed in a hogtie. She is struggling really hard. There is suddenly a beep sound and she starts to get choked by the hogtie. She struggles for about 1 minute 30 seconds and then falls limp still in a hogtie position, with the feet in the air (they don’t fall).
After she is limp you come in to play with her feet and worship them. After a while, the camera goes around to the front, where Stella's head is. You play with her face (eye checks, mouth play, moving the head around). You untie the hogtie about halfway through to flop around the legs.
At the end of the video you start ragdolling her, placing her in weird unnatural position at your discretion. This part should finish with camera pans on Stella laying in two certain ways, A) and B) Final scene where she is lying on her back, completely stiff or frozen, with her eyes and mouth open wide and her hands frozen in the air from her elbow up. You take her legs and put them in the air (the highest possible) and they stay in the air as she is stiff. There is camera pans around her legs, her body and her face.