Hogtie Peril Struggle Sophia Lee

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in Hogtie Peril Struggle Sophia Lee

In this clip: ass, feet, toes, bondage, peril, desperation, lingerie/underwear, POV, blonde, hogtie, passive/submissive, gagging, mouth

Model comes home from work, wearing business clothes (skirt, high heels). An intruder is waiting for her. He suddenly assaults her from behind. She struggles heavily but is finally overwhelmed. Fade out… The next scene starts showing the intruder preparing a digi-cam for filming for a few seconds. Camera is panning slowly on the model. Model lays on a table in the middle a room wearing just her black bra and thong. She is securely hogtied with rope and she is gagged. She is also toe-tied. Model is scared and whimpers. Intruder starts walking around her and filming her with the digi cam. Then he takes some photos of her and he forces her non-verbally! to look into his camera for that several times. (involving some close ups of her face and feet)