Clementine Foot Worshipped by Savage Rigger

A clip starring Clementine

Clementine in Clementine Foot Worshipped by Savage Rigger

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, groping, young, foot worship, rejection, hogtie

Detective Clementine has sneaked into the house of a suspected weirdo, looking for evidence. She looks in the drawers and finally finds a photo of one of the victims, exactly what she was looking for! However, her enthusiasm is cut short as the weirdo surprises her. He orders her to strip and she realizes it's better to do so; however, once she is naked, he grabs her and tosses her on the bed, where he starts rudely tying her up in some serious hogtie. he also gags her, and then he starts enjoying her defenseless feet as she can do nothing but squirm disappointed. He keeps enjoying her, slaps her bum, gropes her body, for a while.