Hooded Hostage Blowjob

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 in Hooded Hostage Blowjob

In this clip: legs, feet, peril, willing, embarrassment, masturbation, blowjob, dirty talk, handjob, POV, horny, blackmail, passive/submissive, sensual, blindfolded, faceless/anonymous, spreads, mouth

Handcuffed and hooded, a sexy woman is brought into a room by a burglar; they're waiting for her husband to pay the ransom, but in the meantime he wants to have some fun with her. She has to behave, so he starts to grope her but this actually gets her excited. She manages to get a deal and have her cuffs taken off. She soon turns into a very naughty hostage who takes the burglar's cock in her mouth and gives him a long, passionate blowjob until he cums all over her tits