Montse Cheats On Her Husband With The Houseboy

A clip starring Montse Swinger

Montse Swinger in Montse Cheats On Her Husband With The Houseboy

In this clip: ass, groping, mature/older, family affairs, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, sensual, rubbing, cuckhold/cheating

In the first scene Montse is in the kitchen complaining with the houseboy, as he hasn't been doing his chores; he doesn't care much, and instead he goes behind her and starts groping her and grinding against her ass. Montse gets excited and they start flirting. The thing grows up and would lead to sex but they hear the husband coming back and they have to stop. The houseboy goes out quick. In the next scene we see Montse on the phone with her husband; she reassures him that the houseboy has been doing her chores, she seems to be quite happy. the camera zooms out and we see Montse is ON the houseboy, grinding against her jeans and ass, and groping her all over as she goes on talking to the husband...