Re-Mesmerize the Slave Through Foot Domination

A clip starring Lauretta

Lauretta in Re-Mesmerize the Slave Through Foot Domination

In this clip:

A guy is kept into hypno detention by Lauretta. It has been a while, and he has finally started to wake up from his trance and managed to get some willpower to escape.
Unfortunately for him, Lauretta catches him and realizes it's time to top up the entrancement: she drags him before the bed, where she sits, and she slips off her shoes. Here we have a POV hypno foot domination where you can admire her absolute luscious soles for a while.
A POV from Lauretta's side follows, so you can see her feet being actually put onto the slave's face until he is all brainwashed and willing to stay and serve her for life.