Mesmerizing And Blowing The Agitated Patient

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Mesmerizing And Blowing The Agitated Patient

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, blowjob, POV, uniforms, sensual, medical/clinic, dominant/leading, mouth

Nurse Honour is about to put you under anesthesia as you are going to get an operation. She is extremely professional and reassuring, and everything seems to go well until she puts the mask on our nose and expects the gas to take effect... However, for some reasons you are still awake. That never happened before as it's quite powerful. She guesses you're unable to relax, and decides to go for a different approach: she takes the stethoscope and begins swinging it before your eyes, whispering mesmerizing words until you're actually completely under and zombified. At this stage, you're unable to react nor realize anything about what's going on. In order to release your tension, or maybe because she's just a naughty nurse who wants to take advantage of a zombified patient's situation, she uncovers your body, takes your cock and begins sucking it, in a good sneaky blowjob you'll not remember of. Just in time, as the doctor will call you in after a few minutes.