Student AltSiren Entranced By Teacher Chloe Toy

A clip starring AltSiren, Chloe Toy

AltSiren, Chloe Toy in Student AltSiren Entranced By Teacher Chloe Toy

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, young, tease, mental domination, POV, blonde

Student AltSiren meets teacher Chloe Toy for some lessons, as she's not doing very well at school. Chloe gives her a strange drink and the two start discussing. Soon AltSiren starts to feel tired and sleepy, and it goes on for a bit. Now AltSiren is really dazed and vulnerable, and unexpectedly Chloe Toy starts to say strange things such as "Are you going to be submissive for me?"... AltSiren doesn't understand but she feels too sleepy to react... Chloe Toy starts to focus AltSiren't attention on her shiny high heel shoe, which she starts to move back and forth, as she starts to whisper entrancing and relaxing things to her already vulnerable mind... Now AltSiren is totally under, zombified. After a few minutes, Chloe Toy takes her shoe off and starts swinging it before her face, hanging from her fingers. The entrancement goes on for several minutes, and Chloe Toy's delicate voice will give you goosebumps. She makes AltSiren repeat things like "My teacher is a Goddess" and several other things. the entrancement goes on and Chloe Toy states that everytime AltSiren will see her shoe, she will fall back in this zombified state and be a slave to her. She wakes her up making her believe that they had an amazing lesson