Lexy Entrances Her Lover With Her Shiny Boots

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Lexy Entrances Her Lover With Her Shiny Boots

In this clip: hands, feet, trance/hypnosis, tease, mental domination, POV, domination, dominant/leading

Lexy and her lover enter the room, they're being really passionate. They kiss a lot on their mouths, when at some point she interrupts and introduces her fantasy about having a guy worshipping her boots. The guy isn't really keen and wants to leave, but she manages to grab his attention by waving her hand before his face. He suddenly stop resisting, and listens to her entrancing whispers... After several minutes of this he is completely zombified, so she orders him to go on his knees and worship her boots, which of course he does passively. That is so exciting to her, that she starts fingering herself underneath her jeans while the slave keeps worshipping. That builds up and she orgasms. After that, she stands up, takes her boots off and forces the slave to sniff one of them, pushing the insole on her face like a gas mask, which sense him to sleep. She leaves the room as her fantasy has been fulfilled.