The Real Reasons Behind Brexit

A clip starring Anita

Anita in The Real Reasons Behind Brexit

In this clip: hands, trance/hypnosis, tease, mental domination, POV, redhead

A guy receives a visit from Anita before the EU referendum, who claims to be campaigning for Brexit. the guy is a remainer so lets her understand that she better go away, but suddenly she blows somemagic powder st his face, making him vulnerable and confused. She manages to get in, and they both sit on the couch. There she takes out a pocket watch and the brainwash begins. She starts swinging it before his eyes, telling him all the benefits of Brexit, until he is zombified and ready to vote leave. Before she snaps her fingers sending him to sleep, she makes him say things like "I am going to vote leave", "I'm in favour of Brexit", "The European Union is a bad thing", "I want to vote to leave the EU". This is probably how brexit could really happen.