Olive Mesmerized Into Thinking She's a Car

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Olive Mesmerized Into Thinking She's a Car

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, silly, POV, brunette

This new custom production is pretty much unique. Olive has invited her fuckbuddy (POV) over to her apartment, and they catch her naked coming out of the shower. She apologises and explains she has to run to the psychiatric hospital where she works because another girl has come down with the delusion that she is an automobile... As she explains the condition she becomes more and more turned on by the thought of being a car. Finally she can’t stand it any longer: a mesmerizing sound effect is heard and she blinks and falls into a trance, with spirals or concentric rings in her eyes. She now believes she is a car. She smiles. Olive begins making car noises with her mouth “chickety-chick. Tock-tock. Prrit titty-pow prrot!” Then she raises her arms as if to grasp an imaginary steering wheel. She begins to bounce in place on her butt, making motions as if driving a car, while continuing to make car sounds with her mouth like the ones above including “vroom!” and “beep beep!” Fading in and out over this are scenes of Olive masturbating. After some time POV gives her a good slap across the face and she sputters out of the trance. Her eyes return to normal. She remembers that she is late for work. In the final scene she is clothed and tells her fuckbuddy to make themself at home; she’ll be back later and maybe they can go for a ride. She winks and says “beep beep”, and closes the door as she leaves.