Draining Her Intelligence - Lauren and Caroline Pierce

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Lauren Louise

Caroline Pierce, Lauren Louise in Draining Her Intelligence - Lauren and Caroline Pierce

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, young, schoolgirl, tease, mental domination, brunette

Lauren and Caroline are two students who need to prepare for an exam... but, while Lauren spends her time accurately studying, Caroline doesn't seem to care and prefers to do other things. One day, while studying, Lauren points it out and Caroline approaches her. She starts to massage the sides of her head, soon sending her in an entranced state as she whispers entrancing words into her ears. That goes on for several minutes, and Lauren is unable to say a word. Caroline is literally draining her intelligence, and passing all her knowledge through her fingers into her brain. At the end of the process, Caroline has learned everything Lauren had been studying, and poor Lauren is nothing but a zombified mindless creature.