Escaping Her Guillotine Execution - Anita Mesmerizes the Headsman

A clip starring Anita

Anita in Escaping Her Guillotine Execution - Anita Mesmerizes the Headsman

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, trance/hypnosis, tease, mental domination, foot worship

This is pretty unusual and epic. Bad girl Anita is brought into the execution room, ready to be executed on the guillotine. She is wearing a rather sexy outfit for the situation, with shiny high heels, and the headsman observes that this is quite unusual and inappropriate... But it's her choice after all. Also, she seems really confident and not nervous at all, very strange for a person who is going to lose her head. Anyway, good for her, the headsman doesn't mind and proceeds to strap her onto the machine. However, before he proceeds to release the blade, Anita raises one of her legs up so that her shiny shoe is now right in front of the headsman's face. She starts swinging it, back and forth, as she talks to him in a very entrancing way, until the shiny shoe sucks his attention and he is soon under. She keeps doing so for a while, until he is completely zombified. Now, despite she is strapped on a guillotine and her is her headsman, he is actually under her spell and she is the mistress. She can order him to release her at any time, but there is no hurry. Let's humiliate the slave first... So she orders him to take her shiny shoe off, and begin to kiss and worship her bare foot as she enjoys being in a peril bud dominant position. The headsman kisses the foot mechanically, as he has no soul now. When she has enough, he orders him to take the cuffs off, release her, and pass the cuffs to her. Once she is out of the guillotine, she sits the entranced headsman on the plank and cuffs one of his wrists to the machine. The she orders him to wake up as soon as she is far away, and literally runs out. Shortly after, the headsman wakes up. Prisoner Anita is gone, he is locked to the guillotine. He doesn't understand. He panics.