Schoolgirls Lauren and Bonnie Tied Up and Zombified

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti

Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti in Schoolgirls Lauren and Bonnie Tied Up and Zombified

In this clip: legs, bondage, trance/hypnosis, schoolgirl, tease, mental domination, POV, dazed

Two young very innocent schoolgirls arrive for a modelling shoot in their school uniform (they both need the money). The photographer encourages them to model sexily with each other (lots of hugging, leg crosses (please have them entwine their crossed legs together throughout most of this), rubbing their body and legs and seductive poses, flashing their panties etc). They are soon encouraged to strip down to their underwear (they don’t want to do nudes as they’re good girls), press their faces together as if pretending to kiss each other. However the photographer’s camera has a mesmerizing flash and as the shoot goes on, without realizing what’s happening at first, each girl is very slowly put down by it. Have them kiss each other sleepily. They like this drowsy feeling at first. After a while they are so sleepy, they finally realize what is happening to them (have one girl go under faster than the other and the other tries to wake her.) She tries to get him to stop, but it's far too late for her too. The man tell her that they are both going to make a wonderful slaves and she’s frightened but too groggy to resist. As she slowly over her friend, the camera still continues to flash even after both girls finally fall asleep. When they awake they are tied to 2 chairs side by side naked with black chokers around their necks and still with their heels on. They are told that they are to be sold into slavery. The girls panic and try to escape from their ropes. After a bit of struggling, their cleave gags are removed and each girl is forced to repeatedly drink something which makes her forget who she is and become mindless, helped by a watch which is held over and between the girls so they both look up at it. They resist strongly and therefore need to be made to smoke some more of the e-cigarette. This makes them drowsier and slowly weakens their will.