Foot Worship Entrancement - AltSiren

A clip starring AltSiren

AltSiren in Foot Worship Entrancement - AltSiren

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, young, tease, mental domination, domination, blonde, foot worship, dominant/leading

A guy is reading a book, but AltSiren keeps disturbing him asking for a foot massage. The guy protests but AltSiren keeps insisting, to the point that the guy can't read. At some point, she surprises him with a pocket watch, which she swings capturing his attention very soon. he cannot resist watching it, as AltSiren whispers him entrancing words while taking her shoes off. After a few minutes he's gone, zombified, so she can put her feet on his face and he can kiss and worship them keeping a blank face, following her instructions while she has fun pushing her feet on his face and looking at her new obedient slave doing a good job...