Wanted a Pay Rise, Mesmerized into Becoming The Boss Foot Slave Instead

A clip starring Ashleigh McKenzie

Ashleigh McKenzie in Wanted a Pay Rise, Mesmerized into Becoming The Boss Foot Slave Instead

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, mature/older, secretary/business, tease, mental domination, POV, foot worship

A guy is having a talk with his boss Ashleigh, as he wants a pay rise or he decided to leave the company. At some point he receives a phone call and he has to go out for a few minutes, and in the meantime Ashleigh prepares a drink which will make him more vulnerable. Once he comes back he drinks some and soon feels a bit strange; in the meantime, Ashleigh has taken out a pocket watch and starts spinning it before his eyes, whispering mesmerizing words to him which send him in a zombified state. Every time she snaps her fingers, he becomes ten times more sleepy and obedient. After minutes of brainwashing, when he is in a state in which he can't even focus nor talk, she makes him repeat some key sentences about being a good obedient employee, reaching the key one "Good Employees like to lick the feet of their boss", which is actually turned into action: she orders him to crawl to the floor, puts her feet on his face, and has the employee worshipping her soles while she stares at him in a cold dominant way. In the end, of course he will remain in the company, super happy to earn less and work more, and spend all the time worshipping the feet of his boss.