Shay Hendrix Entrances AltSiren Into Worshipping Her Feet

A clip starring AltSiren, Shay Hendrix

AltSiren, Shay Hendrix in Shay Hendrix Entrances AltSiren Into Worshipping Her Feet

In this clip: hands, feet, trance/hypnosis, tease, mental domination, domination, blonde, foot worship, nails, dominant/leading

Shay keeps asking AltSiren for a foot massage, but actually AltSiren barely knows her and she keeps refusing, treating her as a weirdo. However, suddenly Shay moves closer and starts to such her attention by spinning her fingers and whispering entrancing relaxing words which make AltSiren powerless and speechless... Soon she is under her spell, and at that point she is just a passive foot slave who begins kissing and worshipping Shay's feet on command. The zombified foot worship goes on for the rest of the video, until Shay decides to wake AltSiren up but first puts her under a foot spell: she won't remember anything, but every time she puts her feet close to her face, she will fall asleep. And so she does.