Foot Smelling Entrancement and Worship - Stella and her Landlord

A clip starring Stella

Stella in Foot Smelling Entrancement and Worship - Stella and her Landlord

In this clip: legs, feet, trance/hypnosis, secretary/business, tease, mental domination, nylon/stockings, blonde, foot worship

Stella receives a visit from her landlord, as she hasn't been paying the rent for months; unless she pays soon, he'll be forced to evict her. Stella is visibly embarrassed, but finds an excuse to hop to the bathroom for a moment, where she sprays a mesmerizing perfume on her feet. She comes back, more confident, and the landlord starts talking again... He is well surprised when Stella puts her foot close to his face and becomes to wave it sensually. At first he thinks she's trying to seduce him, but very soon he gets sucked in by the smell, captured by the motion, and his mind is fucked. He gets turned into a mindless slave whose duty is just to smell and worship her nyloned feet, which she subs on her face as she brainwashes him. For several minutes he will be doing just that, entranced, barely repeating what she orders him to say, until he falls asleep. Of course Stella's problems with her landlord are solved forever.