The Geek Exorcism

A clip starring Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw in The Geek Exorcism

In this clip: hands, trance/hypnosis, masturbation, handjob, cum, tease, mental domination, POV, horny, brunette, sensual, JOI, medical/clinic

Doctor Hannah Shaw meets a patient who looks like a total loser geek. In fact, he tells her that he spends his life studying, but recently he is unable to focus, as he feels "haunted" and doesn't understand what it is. Doctor Hannah seems to understand the problem well, and decides to proceed by entrancing him using a pocket watch, which she swings before his eyes for a few minutes until he is deeply under. At that point she has access to his subconscious and he is not really there, as he's pretty much zombified, so she can do what's needed. She unbuttons his pants and takes his dick in her hand; still keeping a professional medical attitude, as a first class therapist, she starts stroking the dick keeping driving his entranced mind where she wants to. She aims to get his energy released through an intense orgasm by masturbating him while he is under - So, when he will wake up, he won't feel haunted any more and will be able to focus on his books again. This may not look professional and appropriate, but that will go straight to the point, and after all he's not there with his mind so he doesn't even know what's happening. The treatment is purely professional and Doctor Hannah gives him that entranced handjob with superb class, until he cums and ejects his cum freeing up the energy which had been preventing him to focus. At that point, the geek collapses asleep, and doctor Hannah leaves him to rest. Other than the great entrancement work, WHAT A GREAT HANDJOB!