Doctor Hannah Shaw EPIC Mesmerizing JOI Experience

A clip starring Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw in Doctor Hannah Shaw EPIC Mesmerizing JOI Experience

In this clip: trance/hypnosis, tease, mental domination, POV, brunette, JOI

There are no words to describe how good this is. In this long session, filmed in a single take putting a camera in front of Doctor Hannah Shaw, she takes you over a Jerk Off Instruction trip. Swinging her pocket watch, keeping eye contact with you, and gradually bring you into an entranced state where your pleasure will be enhanced, instructing you how to jerk off. The pace will increase as the video progresses, and Hannah will keep total control over the stages of your pleasure, instructing your entranced mind to act the perfect way to succeed, until she decides it's time for you to cum, and experience the most intense orgasm of your life...