POV Foot Worship Hypno Sophia Lee

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in POV Foot Worship Hypno Sophia Lee

In this clip: hands, feet, toes, trance/hypnosis, secretary/business, mental domination, POV, blonde, foot worship, nails, dominant/leading

You meet doctor Sophia as you have been trying to quit smoking. She talks to you, professional, confident, beautiful. She will put you under through hypnosis, so she can work on your mind and resolve your problem. She begins waving her hand gently, having you focusing on her pink nails, whispering entrancing words for minutes until you are completely under... At that point, instead of working on your smoking addiction, she orders you to go on your knees, takes her shoe off and puts her voluptuous foot on your face, so close, literally filling up your view with her toes and sole, as you worship them until she decides it's time for you to forget everything she has done to you, wake up and feel good about your problem.