Chloe Toy POV Shoe Entrancement

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Chloe Toy POV Shoe Entrancement

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, young, tease, mental domination, POV, blonde

A POV guy is talking to his friend Chloe Toy about entrancement. He believes it's all bullshit, when Chloe Toy reveals she's is a therapist and she can do it. In order to prove him wrong, the two agree to give it a try. Chloe takes out a necklace ans starts swinging it before him, whispering relaxing words like only her she's able to. She persuades him that he can trust her, they're friends so she won't make him do anything bad. The entrancement goes on for minutes, during which Chloe Toy keeps whispering and swinging... She cooks his mind up properly turning him into a zombie. Then, despite having said that he can trust her, she actually sits on the armrest and has him crawling on the floor, turning him into her slave, ordering him to worship her shiny shoe for minutes, until she wakes him up in the end and he will be forever under her spell...