Psychiatrist Honour May Entrances Asshole Into Being A Good Boyfriend

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Psychiatrist Honour May Entrances Asshole Into Being A Good Boyfriend

In this clip: genitals, legs, trance/hypnosis, masturbation, licking, blowjob, kissing, mental domination, Fixed camera, domination, sexy/provocative, submission/slavery, sensual, dominant/leading

This clip is a bit static as it was filmed on tripod nearly in a single take, therefore it's mostly wide angle with little closeups. Psychiatrist Honour receives the next patient, who has been sent by his girlfriend as he is a total asshole who doesn't care about anything and doesn't respect her enough. He is very confident and doesn't feel to have any problems, and to be honest doesn't believe in mesmerizing and doesn't understand why he got there for real. Soon Honour entrances him, turning him into a gentle, loving boyfriend: in order to get some practice, he makes him believe that she is her boyfriend, so he kisses her and can't wait to do something for her... Honour takes the chance, strips and orders him to give her oral. He obeys and starts to lick her pussy with devotion, pleasing her until she has enough. After that, she continues brainwashing him, and while he's still zombified she takes his dick out and starts sucking it. It is a very interesting and unusual therapy, which in the end will make him a loyal and gentle boyfriend to her girlfriend... bossy guy hpn into giving her oral for humilaition, and then she gives bj