Fiona the Teasing Therapist Thief

A clip starring Fiona

Fiona in Fiona the Teasing Therapist Thief

In this clip: legs, trance/hypnosis, secretary/business, POV, big tits, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, flashing, dominant/leading

A POV patient visits therapist Fiona to investigate his fetish for female feet and legs. After an initial discussion, Fiona proceeds to mesmerize the patient with a pocket watch, swinging it back and forth while doing some mesmerizing talk. After a while, the POV patient is clearly under, and Fiona can act as she likes to as so, instead of investigate his issues, she proceeds teasing the helpless guy with a striptease, showing her legs, feet and boobs, but also asking for his back account access details and things like that. The patient resists with all his might, but he's nearly zombified, too weak, and also Fiona keeps swinging the watch further, when she feels he needs a bit of mesmerizing push from her... Until his mind is totally fried up, and he reveals his details, which Fiona proceeds to check out while he watches helplessly...