British Grifters Brainwash

A clip starring AltSiren, Caroline Pierce, Linda

AltSiren, Caroline Pierce, Linda in British Grifters Brainwash

In this clip: legs, feet, toes, trance/hypnosis, embarrassment, silly, mature/older, young, tease, mental domination, POV, humiliation, playful/giggling, blonde, brunette, rejection, forced/abusive, passive/submissive, flashing

AS / Linda are con-women. They pretend to be therapists by mesmerizing to relax their patients. But, when they mesmerize their victims they steal bank details and usually have fun by tormenting them with the sexy feet and bodies. Today their victim is an American tourist, Caroline Pierce. AS / Linda do their usual routine, putting her under with a watch... They, once she is zombified, they strip to panties and tease the poor woman with their legs, shoes and feet until they finally extract the bank info. They have fun all the time of her blank state, enjoying the fact that they can do whatever they want and poor Caroline can't react at all.