Schoolgirl Slave Lauren - Forced Smoking Hypno

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Schoolgirl Slave Lauren - Forced Smoking Hypno

In this clip: legs, trance/hypnosis, young, schoolgirl, POV, nylon/stockings, brunette, big tits, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, smoking, mouth, moaning, dazed

Lauren the schoolgirl detective is on the trail of a white slaver and is sneaking into his flat. The kidnapper surprises her at gunpoint, stands her up against a wall and makes her put her hands behind her head. He tells her that she is now his and makes her put on a show.
Lauren whimpers softly and plead not to be kidnapped throughout this. She is very frightened and reluctant to pose but submissive and compliant.

He makes her sit on the edge of the sofa keeping her hands behind her head (arching her back) unless told otherwise. He likes seeing her beg and whimper. He orders her to model sexily (lots of very slow leg crosses, rubbing her body and legs and seductive poses etc). She doesn't want to do this. Lots of closeups of sad eyes and pouty lips.

He makes Lauren kneel on the floor and beg for him to drug her and make her sleepy. Have this happen for a long while (her hands should be rubbing her legs at this point).
He holds out a drugged cigarette and makes her smoke it while still on her knees. Lots of protesting and pleading while she is forced to smoke the drugged cigarette. Hypno until she passes out.