Shoe Smelling Entrancement - Kate and the Private Investigator

A clip starring Kate

Kate in Shoe Smelling Entrancement - Kate and the Private Investigator

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, young, tease, mental domination, POV, smell, brunette, foot worship

A private investigator comes to visit Kate, unexpectedly, as it seems she's suspected of robbery. She lets him in, and he has to ask her some questions. There is clearly something wrong as kate can't answer the questions properly. At some point he asks to have a look at the house, but unexpectedly she takes off one of her high heel shoes and suggests him to have a look at it instead. At first the guy is surprised, but there is something in the shoe which soon start to suck his attention and gets him mesmerized... Its smell. She makes him smell the shoe, she gets it closer, until she can rest it on his nose like a kind of gas mask. By now his mind is fucked, as she keeps talking to him completely brainwashing him. She then takes the shoe off his face, rests her legs on him and orders him to kiss her feet, which he does as a zombie. In the end she wakes him up, but of course he won't remember anything and he will consider her completely innocent and not come back ever again.