Teacher Bonnie Entranced and Dominated by Bossy Schoolgirl Lauren

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti

Lauren Louise, Bonnie Bellotti in Teacher Bonnie Entranced and Dominated by Bossy Schoolgirl Lauren

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, young, schoolgirl, tease, mental domination, POV, brunette, foot worship

Teacher Bonnie called schoolgirl Lauren in to have some private talk. In fact, Lauren has always been a brilliant student, but recently her performance has gone low for some reasons and Bonnie wants to know if anything is right with her. Lauren seems not to care much, she seems to be confident and bossy. At some point she takes a pocket watch out and starts swinging it before her teacher's face. Soon Bonnie's mind gets sucked in and she is entranced. Now schoolgirl Lauren has her teacher under her control and will surely get her top grades back with no effort, but first of all she wants to relax and have some fun with the entranced teacher. She orders her to go on all fours on the floor and become her foot stool. Lauren takes her shoes off and rests her legs on her back, while the teacher repeats entranced sentences passively. Later, Lauren call Bonnie to kneel in before her, and begins rubbing her young feet on her face, having her teacher worshipping her feet for a bit, before she brings her back into the other room to get the perfect grades she deserves...