Fill Her Up (Alien Impregnation)

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Fill Her Up (Alien Impregnation)

In this clip:

Prefect Honour has come to see you after class as she enjoys flirting with you. She calls you “sir” all the time at the start as both she and you like it. She acts innocent and naive to try and seduce you. She has no idea that you are actually a supernatural creature with a cock that can calm her down and is full of gallons of cum. You intend to fill her up with cum She comes in and puts her bag down after a bit of bending and stretching. She sits on a sofa [legs very high crossed rubbing all the time]. She reports all the naughty stuff the girls did today [e.g deep kissing, fondling, blowing smoke into each other's mouths etc], trying to turn you on but this turns her on too. She’s a good girl though and would never do that kind of thing. She starts to suck her thumb shyly and speaks more naively to seduce you. She takes a chance and starts to call you stepdaddy. Talking more whispery about girls kissing etc. She asks if you'd like to see her kiss girls. Fondling them? Would you like them to suck your big fat cock? That sort of thing. She slides onto her knees looking up at you with big begging eyes - sucking her thumb and talking about what they could all do to their stepdaddy.. She talks about stealing some of the girls for you. Talking a lot about heavily gagging them, stuffing their mouths. All the while she pretends and talks to you like she's innocent and unaware of what she's saying. Suddenly you take out your cock and hold it over her so she has to look up at it. She gets a big whiff of pheromones from it making her dizzy. Honour is horrified! She didn’t expect that and tries to resist and escape, but she can only stare at the mesmerizing cock which is somehow confusing her. She gradually becomes groggy as you push your cock into her mouth and begin pumping it alternating with coerced smelling of it. You cum continuously filling/feeding her up from inside. This goes on for ages – Honour trying to pull away and groggily asking her “stepdaddy. to please stop”. She “can’t take it any more” etc. but you keep pumping her mouth until finally when you stop, Honour collapses to the ground absolutely exhausted by what has happened thinking it’s over. Finally you stop and let her rest. it's too late for her, your cock has removed all her resistance. She is addicted and submissive and totally in love with your cum. She starts to beg her stepdaddy. to feed her again and sucks you off - gulping down the delicious cum. begging for it, needing it. She’s mindless and submissive. You put your cock in her mouth and she sucks it - one last gulping sucking session and you're finally ready to fill her up from the inside. So you get her to slowly and dazedly STRIP for you all the while she talks about gagging girls and calling you stepdaddy.. Then you get her to slowly crawl over on all fours to the table - you're going to fork her and she's going to have the best orgasm she's ever had just before she finally gets put down. Honour groans in pleasure - she likes that despite not wanting to die. She slowly crawls over to the table offering her girlfriends to her stepdaddy.
You are behind Honour and your face is not seen. Honour is standing bent over the table facing the camera being continually pumped from behind - this can be faked as I just want to see Honour's exhausted face from the front. Honour's breasts should be pressed against the table with her ass up. Her face resting with her cheek on one arm over the table and with the other hand she's rubbing between her legs desperate to cum -- her eyes should be groggy and she should grunt and moan with every thrust. Lots of protests to her stepdaddy. though as she doesn’t want to do this. She should describe groggily how full she is getting and again talk about gagging girls and offering her friends to stepdaddy.
Have dazed Honour crying and cumming from rubbing between her legs begging to be filled up by her stepdaddy. and when she’s just finishing cumming and recovering that’s when you should finally fill her up with more gallons of cum. Have Honour ever so slowly pass out for the last time as she's finally filled up completely - just tiny grunts as her mind is lost and she is totally smothered from the inside by sperm (like a bagging video). You carry on pounding against her while she lays there - eyes rolling almost shut, mouth slightly open. Soft grunts and groans - she is lost.