The Invisible Cummer At Montse's Awarding

A clip starring Montse Swinger

Montse Swinger in The Invisible Cummer At Montse's Awarding

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, embarrassment, desperation, footjob, cum, mature/older, secretary/business, POV, messy, brunette, tits, dildos/objects, ENF, flashing

Montse is sitting waiting to receive an award, when she suddenly gets approached by an invisible man (POV), so Montse can't really see him nor clearly understand what's going on. As soon as she sits down, the man takes off her shoe and cums into it. Montse notices there is something sticky inside her shoes, she is shocked but doesn't understand - However, she may get called on stage at any time, so she has to put the cummy shoe back on and pretend everything is ok. At that point the invisible cummer drips some cum down on her legs, and Montse is quite scared and shocked, but still she can't do much as she expects to be called on stage... Things get worse when Montse stands up and the invisible man inserts a dildo into her pussy. Now Montse is really upset, but she receives a call. She has to pretend everything is ok, but actually there is a dildo in her vagina and she is all messed up with cum, but she does the best she can to remain calm. Still talking on the phone, Montse gets the dildo taken out and cum dripped on her face by the invisible cummer, and now the situation is really bad. Especially because she gets called on stage (implied), so she can't do anything but go, all messed up in cum