Ivy's Failed NBM Body Swap

A clip starring Ivy

Ivy in Ivy's Failed NBM Body Swap

In this clip: surreal, willing, silly, Fixed camera, brunette, tattoos/piercings, sexy/provocative, medical/clinic, magic

Please be aware that at the time of the shoot Ivy was being natural and her legs are REALLY hairy

Ivy visits a specialist as she no longer likes her body because of many tattoos she regrets having. She would like to swap her body with a 'blank canvas' one, but she has no money to finance the operation.

The scientist/doctor offers her something special: he can try to sell her old body and keep her NBM head in the house with him, until the body has been sold and there are funds to get a new one. She gladly accepts the deal and she is made to strip and lay down on the medical bed, where, using a magic collar device, her head is magically pulled off!
Holding it by the hair, the doctor shows Ivy her own body, as the magically disembodied head admires it and keeps talking about it. She is very excited about the coming swap!

A few days later we see the doctor browsing the web looking for a body: Ivy's head lays on the table, and she is discussing with him, but unfortunately there are no candidates on the horizon.

Later on we see Ivy's head left alone on the couch, talking to herself: life as a head is not that exciting, she hopes her new body will come up soon.

Another scene shows the doctor holding Ivy's head on his lap, stroking her hair: it's understandable that he has a crush on her, and he wants to keep her as a NBM head for as long as possible, as she will leave then. Maybe that's why he pretends not to be able to find a new body.
But Ivy has no feelings for the doctor, and she is tired of being just a head, so she asks to be reattached to her original body and give up.
The doctor tries to make her change her mind, but the situation is clear and he has no choice but restore her head on her own body.