Naughty Cheerleader JOI

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Naughty Cheerleader JOI

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Chloe has been sent home from school cheerleader practice because they disapprove of the stockings and suspenders that she's wearing with it. She knows that her favourite pervy teacher will appreciate her outfit though, so before she goes home she comes to see me for some wanking and fucking in my office.

Chloe comes into my office and tells me what has happened. Then she tells me that she doesn't want to go home just yet because she knows that I will love her outfit and she wants to see the effect that it will have on my cock. She tells me how much she loves our wanking and sex sessions together and wants another one, and she can already see the bulge in my trousers that she's causing. She tells me to get my cock out and is amazed at how big and hard she has made me, and how she would love to suck my cock.
But first, it's time for us to wank together. After that the video progresses as usual - she talks dirty to me as normal, wanking hand gestures etc. She starts by fingering her pussy before moving on to her sex toy after about 8 minutes. At the end, she tells me that she wants us to come together and that she wants me to splatter her arse with my dirty man muck, and gives me a cum countdown.
Then she tells me that she's not going home yet because she wants to play with my cock some more and feel it inside her.