Chloe Toy's Kinky Lesbian Job Interview

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Honour May

Chloe Toy, Honour May in Chloe Toy's Kinky Lesbian Job Interview

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This is a sequel to Honour's earlier secretary interviews. Honour has found Chloe to replace her as my PA so this is the final interview to confirm her in the position. Honour explains to Chloe exactly what working "under" me involves, and also that whenever Honour is back in the office the three of us will be having threesomes together.

To start the girls kiss and talk dirty to me and tell me to get my cock out for the, They lick each other's nipples and go down on each other.
Honour pushes a butt plus into Chloe's arse and then gets out a strap-on to fuck her with. As Honour is fucking her both of them tell me what a filthy fucking pervert I am.
Both girls sit by side and toy their pussies and arses for me as they talk dirty to me. They give me a countdown to come for them. Then Chloe smiles and says that she would love to accept the job and that she's looking forward to working under me and Honour tells me that she knew she's found the perfect girl for the job. Then both girls turn round and show me their arses, and tell me to get hard again because it's time for them to take dictation.