Lesbian Schoolgirls Scissoring JOI For Teacher

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in Lesbian Schoolgirls Scissoring JOI For Teacher

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The teacher has kept Chloe behind after school because he has found a double-ended dildo in her locker during a routine locker search. Chloe knows exactly what kind of a dirty pervert he is though, and knows exactly what to do to get out of trouble, and that is to show her pervy teacher what she uses the dildo for.
he's asked her friend Brook to stay behind with her to put on a sex show for him to wank to so she can get out of trouble. Chloe has told Brook all about the naughty games that Chloe and him play together so she can get better grades, and Brook really wants to join in too. The action begins with the girls kissing in front of me (POV teacher), and they tell me to get my cock out and start wanking. They encourage me to masturbate throughout the action and tell me what a filthy pervert and dirty bastard I am. That sort of thing.
As they kiss they start opening each other's shirts and playing with each other's boobs, before pushing the skirts up and panties to one side and fingering each other's pussies. After a bit of fingering, Chloe leans against the desk and Brook takes the dildo and starts fucking Chloe with it, both girls talking dirty to me the whole time.
Then for the final 5 minutes or so both girls are on the floor with the dildo in both their pussies. Sometimes they are scissoring with the dildo straight between them, sometimes they bend the dildo so one of them can be on top as they fuck each other. As the girls are coming, they tell their naughty teacher to shower them in spunk.
At the end, the girls tell me that next time I can join in, and Chloe will sit on my cock while Brook sits on my face.