Secretary Chloe Toy's Shiny Panty/Pantyhose JOI

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor

Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor in Secretary Chloe Toy's Shiny Panty/Pantyhose JOI

In this clip: genitals, legs, feet, masturbation, dirty talk, young, secretary/business, tease, POV, nylon/stockings, playful/giggling, blonde, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, JOI, flashing, dominant/leading

Chloe walks in and confronts me about discovering my fetish and has decided to use it to her advantage to win me over. She sits on the desk facing me with her knees up and her feet towards me. Camera zooms up to her feet in heels as she talks about how bad I must want to see her pantyhose feet. She slowly removes her shoes (still zoomed close up to the tops of her feet). Camera then zooms out to full body while she teases me with her pantyhose feet from various angles. She then gets off the desk and removes everything except for her panties. I would love to see her standing in nothing but the panties showing me the front, back, and saying how she usually doesn't wear this kind of panties but she knows this is what I love. She gets back on the desk (and remains there for the rest of the video) and bends over with her ass pointing at me. I would like the camera angle to feel like I'm looking up at her ass and she's sitting down almost right on my face. 2nd position (and my favorite) should be her facing me, squatting with legs spread and the camera angle again like my face is right there. Other than this, I'd like her to continue teasing with the panties. I'd like her to start rubbing her pussy over the panties and getting more and more turned on. She then removes the panties and hands them to me and puts back on only the pantyhose. Still on the desk, she spreads her legs and rubs her pussy over the see through pantyhose and encourages me to finish while jerking off with her panties.