Psychiatrist Honour May and the JOI Therapy

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Psychiatrist Honour May and the JOI Therapy

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, dirty talk, tease, POV, nylon/stockings, tits, striptease, stripping, sensual, JOI, spreads, flashing, dominant/leading

Honour is a therapist that has been hired to help a grown up son who finds it hard to get hold onto girl friends with long term relationships. Dr. May talks to the POV guy (clip is POV but the guy is actually talking). She tells him that he is here because he cannot hold onto long term relationships with women. His dad was concerned asked her to help. She asks the guy some questions, like how many girlfriends, how does he like sex, what positions he likes, some stuff like this. So far she is professional, but then she suddenly asks what type of women he likes/turns him on... He is not sure... Maybe you like someone like me, and she starts to act teasing, showing her legs, opening her top and flashing, teasing... She then tells him to pull out his penis and give instructions to jerk off, as she herself strips and teases to naked. This all gets more intense, until he cums. She smiles and says: You seem normal? I don't see why you can't keep long term