Nurse Chloe Toy POV JOI At Sperm Donation Session

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Nurse Chloe Toy POV JOI At Sperm Donation Session

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3M I'm at the clinic to make a sperm donation, but none of the magazines are doing it for me. Sexy Nurse Chloe is much more to my liking though, and she knows it, so she offers to help me donate my sperm by giving me a sexy show. She tells me to get my cock out and start wanking it for her, talking dirty and calling me a filthy fucker etc. She opens her uniform (but leaves it on for the whole video) to show me her sexy lingerie while she makes wanking gestures at me. 4M Chloe pushes her panties to one side and starts fingering her pussy for me. She pushes her bra down to show me her tits as she encourages me to wank my cock. 8-9M Chloe gets filthier as she gets her plastic cock and starts fucking her pussy with it. She changes position from time to time to show me her peachy arse. As she comes she tells me to donate my sperm for her. Then she compliments me on my thick creamy load and tells me that her shift end in an hour, and that she would like to meet me then so that I can make another sperm donation in her sweet pussy.