Sweet Kate's SPH JOI in High Heels

A clip starring Kate

Kate in Sweet Kate's SPH JOI in High Heels

In this clip: genitals, legs, dirty talk, tease, mental domination, POV, domination, humiliation, playful/giggling, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, JOI, spreads, SPH, flashing

Kate knows about my masturbation addiction, using my name often, acting sympathetic, but really she is making fun of me and amused that I’m a chronic masturbator. She knows I’m ashamed and embarrassed by my addiction and really emphasizes the word masturbator, saying it often and in a very teasing, girlie way. She also pouts sympathetically and talks about the size of my penis and how small it is, telling me how cute and adorable it is. She feels sorry for the humiliation I must feel and says she likes small penises, but can’t help giggling. She knows I spend hours at a time, naked at my computer, masturbating to porn. She teases that although I love gorgeous women with sexy legs, high heels and open pussies on my computer screen, I’d never be able to perform with a real pussy, because I’m so used to my hand. She teases by saying she’d like to let me fuck her, but it wouldn’t be fair to my hand, and I shouldn’t be unfaithful to it. She knows about my masturbation techniques and enjoys going into the details. She giggles at how I rub my penis sensually against my soft inner thigh. She knows I edge like this for hours and sometimes ejaculate without even pumping myself. She can’t help giggling as she imagines me doing it, urging me to keep doing it like a poor little wanker. She makes a circle with her thumb and finger and talks about how I love to stimulate the tip of my penis. She knows this is my favourite way to orgasm, as the tip is so sensitive and responsive to my fingers. She sympathises as she tells me that masturbation is the only sex I’ll ever have, and to keep wanking as much as possible. She says that I’m very lucky to have such a loving hand that knows exactly how to satisfy my little penis. She encourages me to orgasm, shocked at the huge load and what a Master Masturbator I am.