Wanking WPC JOI - Tindra Frost

A clip starring Tindra Frost

Tindra Frost in Wanking WPC JOI - Tindra Frost

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Tindra is trying to take my statement but I am nervous. She has noticed that I keep checking out her out though, and it's obvious that I find her incredibly sexy. She asks me if I like women in uniform, and then flashes me her stocking tops and asks me if like women in stockings too. She then smiles sweetly and says she can tell that I'm a very naughty boy and a dirty pervert, and she knows exactly how to calm me down, She'll play with her pussy for me and let me wank my cock while I watch. She tells me to get my cock out and start stroking it for her, as she starts to rub her pussy through her panties. 3-4M Tindra turns round and gives me a view of her gorgeous arse as she slides her skirt down, while she wiggles her butt suggestively at me. She then turns back round and pulls her panties to one side and starts fingering her pussy, all the while calling me a filthy perv and a dirty wanker. After a few minutes she pulls down her panties and throws them to me, telling me to sniff them and lick them while I wank 4M Tindra gets her sex toy that she keeps for emergencies - after all, she is just as horny and perverted as I am. She fucks her pussy with it enthusiastically, and after a few minutes, changes position to give me a view of her arse as she pounds her pussy from behind. She tells me to imagine fucking her doggystyle, as she fantasises about the feel of my hard cock inside her. As the wanking session comes to its climax, she gives me a countdown from 5 to shoot my load for her. She then calls me a good boy and starts the interview. 6-8M Cut to a short scene after the interview. The statement has been given, and Tindra is very pleased with it. She tells me that she liked the look of my cock and I've been such a good boy that I can fuck her on the way home in the police car. -1M