Just Encased - Lesbian Nylon Encasement Delight

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 in Just Encased - Lesbian Nylon Encasement Delight

In this clip: peril, sleeping/limp, fighting, blowjob, groping, fucking, domination, nylon/stockings, encasement/wrapping, horny, forced/abusive, strength, sensual, dildos/objects, choking, dominant/leading

Two rival spies are trying to impress their agency by stealing a hard drive containing top secret documents. Agent Fatale slips into the house bathroom, getting her pantyhose mask on her fully encased body, soaking her other section of pantyhose from her black bag, with lots of chloroform to surprise the other agent, trying to undermine her mission and come back with the hard drive. When she finishes getting ready, she hides in the room across the hall from the office. Agent Awesome breaks into the back door of the house, she stealthily moves, fully encased and masked in pantyhose, sneaking around because she knows there are tons of double agents in the field. She searches the rooms, and finally locates the hard drive. She heads into the office with the mainframe computer, to make sure it is the drive, but Agent Fatale is right behind her and makes quick work of getting the chloroformed pantyhose over her mouth and nose. She fights had and they go down to the bed, wresting and fighting, Agent Fatale with the upper hand, and the chloroformed pantyhose. She keeps it on tight as Agent Awesome slows down, her eyes closing as she passes out from the chloroform. Agent Fatale taunts her with a few choice words, then puts on a large strap on dildo. She wakes up Agent Awesome and gets her on her knees on the floor. She lifts the mask up just enough to expose her mouth, and starts face fucking, and deep throating the young agent. She rams her face hard, as the groggy agent wakes up and gasps, gagging on the cock as Agent Fatale face fucks her. After gagging and deep throat into the Agen't mouth for a while, she pinches her nose so that she can't breathe, making the Agent pass out again from lack of air. She leaves and returns with the strap on still attached. She gets up on the Agent, teasing her with words, taunting her with the big dildo dick. She takes a chunk of pantyhose and makes a gag for the Agent Awesome. After gagging her so she cant scream loud and blow the cover, Agent Fatale slides the big cock inside Agent Awesome's pussy, sliding it in and out deep and hard, making the young agent scream in pleasure and pain. She lifts her legs and fucks her pussy deep, making her cum hard, and leaving the dildo super wet with cum, and glistening in the light.