Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt3

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt3

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, embarrassment, desperation, groping, clothes, brunette, rejection, tits, tickling, gagging, ENF

After an hour, he returns. He asks Sophia, if she is going to cooperate. She shakes her head and gag talks some insults again. He tickles her again, until Sophia finally signals her cooperation.
Being angry with her, he tickles her some more for revenge. Finally ungagged and with the newspapers on her lap, Sophia reads the demand as her captor tells her. He does yet another mouth packing with tape gag and tells her, that she will be kept like this until the ransom has arrived.

Sophia goes into full struggling and gag talking again. Her captor taunts her some more, pulling her hair, tickling her and grabbing her breast, enraging her even more.

Finally he returns and tells her that the ransom has arrived. He starts to untie her.

In the final scene, she is at home in her bathroom. She is tied standing in the shower with her arms tied high above her, gagged as before. The kidnapper sneers at her again and turns on the shower.
Finally, she is found by her boyfriend. He turns off the water and ungags her. As he unties her, the scene fades