Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt1

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith Held Captive - Pt1

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, embarrassment, desperation, brunette, rejection, tits, gagging, ENF

Sophia is at home; she is taking a shower, when she is ambushed by a ski masked kidnapper. He hurls her out of the shower and quickly handcuffs her. She gets mouth packed with a small towel and the girdle of a bath robe. She is pushed to the floor and has her feet tied. She is carried out of the bath room.

In the kidnapper’s hideout, still bound as before, Sophia is carried into the room. He puts her on the floor and hogties her. Her kidnapper tells her, that she has to read a ransom demand.
He places a newspaper in front of her stomach. He ungags her. Sophia tries to talk him into untying her and letting her dress first, explaining that it would bevery embarrassing for her, to be seen naked on the video... After a while, he agrees. As she was kidnapped without clothes, he hand her a man’s shirt and jeans from his collection.

She dresses in front of him. After Sophia is dressed, the kidnapper approaches her, to tie her again. She kicks him and runs away. When she reaches a locked door, the kidnapper catches up with her. He angrily grabs and hand gags her and drags her off to the room from which she escaped. Sophia is screaming, struggling and kicking wildly.